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 Forum Rules. ALL READ

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Forum Rules. ALL READ Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules. ALL READ   Forum Rules. ALL READ EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 3:48 am

The rules are here for your benefit. Please take the time to read them !

Firstly - The Mod Staff is here to help. There is nothing they havent either helped someone with, or experienced themselves.  Put them to good use.

Section 1. General Rules

Treat others the way you want to be treated. In fact,. treat them better than you want to be treated. This is a friendly community, and were all here to share in our knowledge, love, and passion for paintball. Anyone 'flaming', or otherwise insulting , or treating anyone in a negative manner will be banned. Easy as that.

This board provides an area for users to discuss events and includes information, news, opinions and recommendations of many individuals. However, Alphablackpaintball.com does not endorse the recommendations or opinions of any of its users, nor does it warrant the completeness, accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any content or product made available on the site.

Users of the board must not post with the aim simply of raising their post count. This is viewed as spamming, and will therefore not be tolerated. It is not appreciated by us, nor by other members. If you make a mistake in your post, use the edit button. That is what it is for.

The Administrator's and Moderator's decisions are final. They will happily listen to any points you raise, but are not duty bound to do as you request. Their job is to keep the forum running, and if that means removing inflammatory posts (or members) then that's the course of action that will be taken.

If you believe any post to have broken any of the rules, report it with the report function. Do not PM admins about it, and do not have a go at the poster on the thread yourself.

Section 2. Where and what to post

Please try to ensure that you post threads in the correct sections of the forum. If you're not sure where to post, then make an educated guess and make a point of saying in your post that you weren't sure where to put the thread. If a moderator thinks the thread could be better placed, they will move it for you. Use the search function before you post. If you cannot find it with the search function, have a look in the relevant sections yourself before posting, there may already be a thread about the subject you wish to discuss.

When creating a new thread, keep your title short and to the point. If your posting about your new alpha black, the title " Come check out my new gun its super awesome and i love it." is too long. Try simplicity, like "Check out my new AB" This rule is lovingly referred to as the David Rule.

Do us all a favor and double check the dates on posts before you comment. Replying to old threads can be annoying, and irrelivant. If it is a general thread such as 'your opinion on the Alpha Black', feel free to add your two cents.

Most of us on this forum speak English, so please write your posts in English and to the best of your abilities. Constantly posting "Yeh i h8 dat wn dat hppns lik" will do nothing but irritate people, be deleted, and earn you a warning/ban. Unacceptable forms of communication also include text speak and TYPING EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS.

While we would love everyone to have perfect punctuation, spelling and grammar, we appreciate that is not going to be the case, so don't panic if you can't spell, or punctuate worth a damn, you will not get warnings for that. Laziness however will !

While we're sure 99.9% of members do not shy away from swearing, this forum has been made with the intent of being a friendly community, and some words are unacceptable. These are mostly auto censored, some cannot be. Use the unnacceptable words we haven't censored at your own peril, as it will land you on our shit list.

Messages posted by other users may be misleading or deceptive (whether intentionally or unintentionally). If you disagree with a view, opinion or statement expressed in a message, you may want to post a message in response. Bear in mind however, that some people may believe something that they have been told, regardless of its integrity. For that reason, it is not acceptable to insult or degrade another member just because of an opinion, informed or otherwise. Voice your opinion by all means, but don't be rude about it, it won't help anyone.

Remember also, that TONE is impossible to convey perfectly all the time when its in text. You may read something one way, and it may have been meant in a completely different way. Re read before you react, act, and overreact.

Members should respect differences in opinions between themselves and others. Continued underhanded, sly or snide remarks about someone or someone's opinion will not go un-noticed; and if it's perceived you are intentionally trying to wind people up you will receive a warning. If it persists after the warning you will be banned.

Also, Thread-Jacking is frowned upon. It happens, I know. If you feel like chatting, use the chatbox, or pms. To follow up on that, useless posts on a repetitive basis, like  "I agree, or " thats cool" lead nowhere and clutter the readers screen with nonsense. These will be deleted, and can ultimately get you warned, or banned.

NO SPAMMING- No ads, or double posts without MY consent

Section 3. Avatars and signatures

Posts, signatures or avatars that contain sexual or otherwise morally offending material will, within reason, be removed by staff and added to their private collection.

Sigs must be within set parameters, containing only one image, and images within can measure no more than 550 x 150 pixels (600x200 for Supporting members). They can also include up to 2 full lines of text, and no more.

You can also choose to forego images and can instead use 6 full lines of text.

Avatars must be 120x120 pixels.

Use your common sense with regards to what images you use. If a moderator feels that your signature is over-sized, he will PM you to tell you to resize it to more suitable dimensions, if you fail to do so, your sig will be deleted. If a moderator feels your signature or avatar is offensive they will delete it.

Section 4. Images

We love to see user’s pictures of markers and gear ! Please bear in mind however if you are posting pictures directly into threads by the use of [IMG] tags, you must keep images at or below 1024x768. Posting larger than this can result in frustration when scrolling the forum and may end up being removed. If your picture is larger than 1024x768 then resize it, before you post, or alternatively just post a link to the image

Section 5- Buying and Selling

 Rules for Classified Advertisments: Please Read


Sales must follow the following format to save unnecessary questions cluttering up the thread.

Make: ****
Marker/Model: ****
Accessories: ****
Condition: ****
Swaps/Part Exchange: ****
Price/Payment: ****
Pictures: ****

You should also give as much information on upgrades, potential problems, and whatever else you can think of. Pictures should be taken by the seller, and contain the sellers username. There is no edit function in the sales section in order to prevent shady traders from attempting to pull a fast one by changing the information of a sale to their advantage after a deal has been struck.

Alpha Black with upgrades for sale

Make: Tippmann
Gun/Model: Alpha Black
Accessories: Cyclone feed, E-Grip, 14" RAP4 Recon barrel.
Condition: Used
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No
Price/Payment: $70 OBO
Pictures: (pic of marker inserted)

Great marker, excellent condition, selling due to upgrading to a X7 Phenom.

***Sales not submitted in this format will be deleted***


Posters must not bump their posts to the top of the forum more than once per week. This is irritating for other forum users who end up wading through countless posts of “bump”. Do this, and the entire thread gets deleted, and you get a warning to boot.

Posting on sales threads

When someone is trying to sell something, they really do not want to read anything other than posts from those interested in buying. Any other type of post on a sales thread will be regarded as spam and deleted. If it's bad enough, it may even earn a warning.

Self moderation of Sales threads

Members must add the words SOLD to the end of the threads title as soon as it is sold. This allows the moderators to close a thread once an item is bought or sold.

Other Sales rules

Your advert MUST NOT contain any illegal products or products that could cause offense. This includes but is not limited to real steel, blank firing, deactivated or bladed weapons (knives) other than rubber knives.

No commercial posts may be made here this area is for personal use only. Retailers may request their own forum sub section to use instead.

We not able to verify the accuracy of any advert. Accordingly, you (as seller/buyer) shall be solely responsible for all losses, financial or otherwise. The contract for sale is between the seller and buyer alone.

We strongly recommend using Paypal as payment method to provide added security.

Sellers must ensure that the buyer is legally entitled to purchase such items. By posting an advert on these forums, you agree to abide by the rules above.

The use of copyrighted images, video, or music without expressed permission on Alphablackpaintball.com is forbidden. Any use of copyrighted material will result in an immediate ban. Any copyrighted material is property of its creator.

If a rule is not mentioned above, use your common sense. If you LACK common sense, please see a moderator, who will rap you on the head with a blunt object until sense is knocked into you.
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Forum Rules. ALL READ
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