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 Buying/Selling Rules

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PostSubject: Buying/Selling Rules   Buying/Selling Rules EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 3:53 am

[b] Rules for Classified Advertisments: Please Read
 Chalky on Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:59 am


Sales must follow the following format to save unnecessary questions cluttering up the thread.

Make: ****
Marker/Model: ****
Accessories: ****
Condition: ****
Swaps/Part Exchange: ****
Price/Payment: ****
Pictures: ****

You should also give as much information on upgrades, potential problems, and whatever else you can think of. Pictures should be taken by the seller, and contain the sellers username. There is no edit function in the sales section in order to prevent shady traders from attempting to pull a fast one by changing the information of a sale to their advantage after a deal has been struck.

Alpha Black with upgrades for sale

Make: Tippmann
Gun/Model: Alpha Black
Accessories: Cyclone feed, E-Grip, 14" RAP4 Recon barrel.
Condition: Used
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No
Price/Payment: $70 OBO
Pictures: (pic of marker inserted)

Great marker, excellent condition, selling due to upgrading to a X7 Phenom.

***Sales not submitted in this format will be deleted***


Posters must not bump their posts to the top of the forum more than once per week. This is irritating for other forum users who end up wading through countless posts of “bump”. Do this, and the entire thread gets deleted, and you get a warning to boot.

Posting on sales threads

When someone is trying to sell something, they really do not want to read anything other than posts from those interested in buying. Any other type of post on a sales thread will be regarded as spam and deleted. If it's bad enough, it may even earn a warning.

Self moderation of Sales threads

Members must add the words SOLD to the end of the threads title as soon as it is sold. This allows the moderators to close a thread once an item is bought or sold.

Other Sales rules

Your advert MUST NOT contain any illegal products or products that could cause offense. This includes but is not limited to real steel, blank firing, deactivated or bladed weapons (knives) other than rubber knives.

No commercial posts may be made here this area is for personal use only. Retailers may request their own forum sub section to use instead.

We not able to verify the accuracy of any advert. Accordingly, you (as seller/buyer) shall be solely responsible for all losses, financial or otherwise. The contract for sale is between the seller and buyer alone.

We strongly recommend using Paypal as payment method to provide added security.

Sellers must ensure that the buyer is legally entitled to purchase such items. By posting an advert on these forums, you agree to abide by the rules above.

Buying/Selling Rules Brockanima1_zps54795975
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Buying/Selling Rules
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