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 Getting back in shape

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PostSubject: Getting back in shape   Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:04 am

Man, gotta bite the bullet and get back in shape. I topped out over the 250 mark last month and have managed to get back down to 245 in the past two weeks.

My goal is 230 by Halloween and 220 by Christmas. It's looking like I'll be over in the lower Middle East quite a bit starting around October, then up into fun places like Basra in 2014 and down into North Africa later that year. I'd rather not be the slowest one in the desert in those areas! Hah!

Anybody else have any fitness plans/goals?  What do y'all plan on doing to trim down?

I see a lot of the 30+ banners on here. I'll be 45 in Feb and the last two years have really seemed to have taken their toll....mostly due to work stress, I'm sure. Hopefully that will change come October! It takes me a couple days to recover from an all-day paintball outing. I look at pictures from this time last year and I was still in the 225-230 range, but had a crapload more energy!

Maybe I'll try a bottle of raspberry ketones as well as better diet and exercise.
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Getting back in shape
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