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 A few game pics

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Mod/Triarius/US Army/Milsim

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A few game pics Empty
PostSubject: A few game pics   A few game pics EmptySun May 26, 2013 2:25 am

Here are a few pics that my other daughter took of a game today, I am not in them due to having to work and not getting there until the last round.
I missed some great games from what I was told, but the last one was great too. These pics will show some of the changes we made to our play area.
As always you can see more of them at Baker City Paintball FB or Baker Paintball
A few game pics Dscf0810
A few game pics Dscf0811
A few game pics Dscf0812
A few game pics Dscf0813
A few game pics Dscf0815

A few game pics Grampstres
A few game pics Pbucket
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A few game pics
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