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 Opening day of Tactical Paintball

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Opening day of Tactical Paintball Empty
PostSubject: Opening day of Tactical Paintball   Opening day of Tactical Paintball EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 12:21 pm

Last Saturaday, we opened up a new paintball park about 15 minutes away. This is just a few moments of gameplay and a few pictures of the action. We were only able to get two of our 4 fields completely done for opening, but the two that we did have were big hits.

The first field, medium size, is capture the flag (one central flag). The second is like assault. It's about a mile long, with four forts tucked away off the main roads. The attackers' objective is to capture all four bases within the time limit (40 minutes). This field was a MONSTER. The defenders had to stay within a certain perimeter of the base. However, when they get hit, they move to the 4th base, so if you have 2 defenders at each base, you'll end up with 8 defenders at the last base. No one beat the defense this time, but everyone had fun nonetheless. :)
It was a really great time, so here is the promo video someone came up with for us. Feedback would be great, guys! (While i'm thinking about it, feeback on my loadout would be great. I'm the guy in multicam). Thanks for watching!
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Opening day of Tactical Paintball
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