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Triarius/Salvo Operator
Triarius/Salvo Operator

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Funny Videos only Empty
PostSubject: Funny Videos only   Funny Videos only EmptyWed Nov 14, 2012 6:04 am

OK guys,
Since we have pic only topics, I figured we should have some vid only topics too.
Makes sense right???
This topic is for non PB vids at the mo.
But may make a PB vid only topic in a different catagory.

Remember.....no vid, no post please guys.
Lets keep it clutter free

So here's mine.
What better way to start it of than with Call of Duty's new Black Ops 2 Trailer.
Called "Suprise"
See if you recognise a certain russian individual in it....lmao.
"As always, have nice day" lol! lol!
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Funny Videos only
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