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 FS: 09 Geo or Ego7 with 68/4500 & Rotor

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FS: 09 Geo or Ego7 with 68/4500 & Rotor Empty
PostSubject: FS: 09 Geo or Ego7 with 68/4500 & Rotor   FS: 09 Geo or Ego7 with 68/4500 & Rotor EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 11:27 pm

1. You pay I ship, don't care what your feedback is
2. No trades means no trades, period.
3. I will work out a package deal with one of the markers, the tank, and the Rotor, just PM me an offer for the package deal
4. Prices do not include shipping. We can work out what shipping method you want to use.
5. Lower 48 only. I may ship to Canada, but you will have to pay extra for shipping. Tank does have a TC stamp.
6. PayPal only.
7. Post then PM.

I only want to sell one of these, not both. So, once one goes, the other os off of the market.

Ego sold to TriPower445.

Rotor pending to LordDema

Tank still available.

Tank is a 68/4500 Carleton with Crossfire HPA reg. Hydro date 11/09. No nicks or scratches on the tank, it has always been kept in a tank cover. Will come with the cover, thread protector, and fill nipple cover. No leaks in the tank. I have had 1800psi in it for 2 months, with no air loss.

4. 68/4500 tank: $100

Now for the pic:
FS: 09 Geo or Ego7 with 68/4500 & Rotor DSC04408

I can take more pics for an interested buyer. You can text me at (727)479-2933. But please only between the hours of 9 am and 10 pm Eastern. I do have a daughter, so can't be texting really late.

FS: 09 Geo or Ego7 with 68/4500 & Rotor Tuflemotm
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FS: 09 Geo or Ego7 with 68/4500 & Rotor
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