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 How To: The How To's of sponsorship.

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How To: The How To's of sponsorship. Empty
PostSubject: How To: The How To's of sponsorship.   How To: The How To's of sponsorship. EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 10:11 pm

The How To's of sponsorship

Originally Written by SOL General on the MilSimOG, I am just adding it
to the MilSimE and it is his info. It is good info and I would like to
see it live on after the MilsimOG is no more. Thank you SOL General for
the info.

Many People think that Sponsorships are just for the
tournament players, wrong...little do some know, paintball isnt just a
tournament sport, and since we are all going back to our roots,
woodsball, here is the perfect time to show you the fundimentals of
Sponsorships...My team (SOL/Sons Of Liberty) has the best sponsors you
could ask for...Cops 911, DevilMountainSports, Scepter Combat Systems,
Engler Paintball guns, and Island Designs....and the best part is, we
are a woodsball based paintball team...Many People dont what are the
pros and cons of Sponsorship is and I plan on touching some of them in
this little ''HOW TO'' of sponsorship...Sponsorship is the key element
that powers paintball...Without sponsorship, many players and teams
cant afford to practice or even play...some companys cant market their
products as effectivly as others without sponsoring some teams...and
with out sponsorships...the cool prizes that big games give away,
wouldn exist or would be very few...you would possibly even have to pay
more if there werent sponsors (which sucks because of the prices now

Sponsorship, is something that benefits both
the sponsor and the team/player..But the process often ends up with
both sides disappointed...Hopefully this will give teams and sponsors a
better understanding of the process, which should help both sides avoid
the mistakes that turn sponsorship from a positive into a negative

* For many sponsorships to work, the sponsors and
the teams need to understand the other side's point of view...Players
must realize paintball is a business to the companies who sponsor them.
These companies have to make money to cover the cost of manufacturing
products or supplying a service...This means sponsorship must be a form
of marketing that generates more sales and increased profits....

* Not Free
thing players must realize is, Sponsorship does not mean
free...Sponsorship is not a form of charity...When businesses give,
they must get something in return...They expect the teams they sponsor
to act like marketing devices for their company and their
products...They expect sponsored players to promote their business in a
positive way that generates more sales...Many players don't have a
clue...Some believe sponsorship is a reward; something they've earned
by winning games. Other players think of sponsorship as something they
are supposed to get and their attitude is, "I've played for so long and
spent so much money on gear, the paintball industry owes me
something."...still other players believe paintball should function
like welfare: "It's the duty of the paintball companies to give to the
players." Its not, you must earn it....

* Knowing what each
side expects is the first step to making a sponsorship deal. Players
want products and support. Businesses want teams/players who'll
increase sales...Getting sponsorship is just like looking for a
job...Players/Teams need to decide if they like the company, and if the
pay is worth their efforts. Sponsors need to decide who will be good
representatives, and how many players they can support and pay.

you honest, trustworthy and loyal? Can you communicate clearly and
learn quickly? Are you well known in the sport of paintball, respected
by your teammates? Do you understand the importance of a positive
attitude? These are the things sponsors look for in a team.

* Getting Sponsored
always expect businesses to come to you with sponsorship offers. You
have to contact them....And don't expect instant success....finding
sponsorship takes time, persistence and the ability to overcome
rejection...The first thing you need is a team resume that details who
the players are, where the team plays, what type of events you play in,
what is your playing history, and what are your plans for next
year....Also write up a proposal letter explaining why you want
sponsorship from this company and what you can do for them to make
their sponsorship profitable...After you send out your resume, develop
a relationship...Don't expect them to sponsor you immediately...chances
are the company already has used up its team sponsorships for this
season...Instead, plan for next year....You want the company to
remember you the next time a sponsorship opening comes up.

you get a sponsorship offer, make sure your team understands what they
are getting and what is expected of them in return....It helps to put
it in writing so everyone knows precisely what is expected...If your
team can't fulfill their side of the agreement, then don't take the
offer. It's better for your team's reputation to pass on a sponsorship
than to take it and fail at the job.

Other times, Sponsorships
will be comming to you...you will need to fufil the job, as this is a
job...you must be great at what you do and you have to be the most
prized accessorie to that company...

Hopefully this
''collage'' of sorts will aid many teams on how to obtain
sponsorships...and how to keep the bond between sponsors and sponsored
teams alive
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How To: The How To's of sponsorship.
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