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 SUPPORTING MEMBER join our ranks here.

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PostSubject: SUPPORTING MEMBER join our ranks here.   Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:26 am

Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing Supporting Member Status.

In an effort to rid the site of ads, maintain our own .com, as well as other projects including, but not limited to a Swag Shop, and NEW Task Force patches we give you,.. Supporting memberships. So,.. whaddaya get?

Supporting Member Status:
For your donation, you will recieve access to:
Players Lounge- A Supporting members only forum where we will drop exclusive contents and video first before going live to the general public, as well as raffles and prizes only offered here.
Colorized username

One free Rank plate of your choice (for your 6 month period)

A free Supporting Member rank plate

In addition, Gold members also recieve : One free rank plate of your choice. A custom ANIMATED signature, 600x200 px signature size limit Rank plate is permenant

Signatures (non members will not be permitted to have signatures.)

a BOGO offer in all raffles

access to the Supporting Member forum

colorized username

much more.\

Prices: Silver-$10.00 for 6 months($5 renewal for former members through February)
Gold-$20.00 for one year ($10 renewal through February)

Also PM Gramps with your Real Name to insure that you are credited for it.

Cant give you something if we dont know who you are!


To contribute without becoming a member or to help out even more click the Donate Button. BE sure to include your forum ID in a message so we can give you credit for it!

Note: All purchases are non refundable. After reciept of your purchase, please give us 24-48 hours to update your information, and recieve your funds.

When you make your purchase, please PM me with the rank title you would like to have applied to your profile along with your Supporting Member plaque.

After your six month period lapses your subscription ends.If you do not renew within one week, you will lose your supporting member plaque as well as your bonus plaque. it can be re purchased for 5$ at the Rank Plaque thread. If you DO renew, you keep your old plaque as well as getting the option to change it if you would like

1 year gold members get to keep their bonus plaque beyond their 1 year subscription. they will, however forfeit their Supporting Member plaque upon termination of subscription.

if you are BANNED for any reason, you lose your status completely, and will not be rewarded a refund. You represent the best of us. so that shouldnt be an issue.

We are hoping that this will not only lead to better products for you, but a better community as a whole. We are dedicated to what we do, and we know you enjoy it just as much as we do. This is our home. Lets make it shine.

Rank Plates HERE

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Posts : 1287
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PostSubject: Re: SUPPORTING MEMBER join our ranks here.   Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:52 pm

Updated for 2013

Having some probels with the buttons for now, email me for the information needed to renew or get new supporting member status until then, Gramps

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SUPPORTING MEMBER join our ranks here.
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