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 How To: Homemade Camelback

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How To: Homemade Camelback Empty
PostSubject: How To: Homemade Camelback   How To: Homemade Camelback EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 12:25 pm

OP Ticass18

Hello, firstly I do not know if my post is at right place but at worst admins please move it. So, basically I made a homemade camelback which cost me a total of ....... 1 large dollard! Yes! (Of course I had some contraption on hand).
So what you need as a material for the camelback itself.
1 - The bag inside a box of Tim has ten (his happens to be a mega box of coffee "Tim Horton's" (its like a Dunkin 'Donuts here) that contains enough coffee for at least 10 people for those who do not know)
2 - Approximately 1 'and a half of a small water pipe plastic (I myself took the 1 / 4''transparent but it's at your choice)
3-1 piece of fabric (you'll sew the size you want a pocket or any pocket to put the Tim Horton's in (I took the personal pocket that I found by chance in an inside pocket of my jacket )
And tools:
2 - wick 1 / 4''(to get the pipes in the cap) or something else to drill the plastic cap
3 - electrical tape (the tape for pipes so it does not slip through the stopper, but you can use something like silicone or whatever ... to your taste)

Well we start:
1 - Take the wick (or whatever) to drill a hole right in the middle of the cap.
2 - Take the pocket (tim has ten) and fold the size of the bag you choose and type in the pocket, never that it unfolds
4 - Take the hose and insert it into the pocket almost to the bottom (1'') from the bottom so as not to clog the pipes with the pocket
5 - make a pencil mark or just put your finger on the place where pipe comes to cap and make a kind of a slap o'ring of this place
6 - to insert the plug''O-ring "of tape (or silicone) and secure in your own way (me I push the tape by turning and put another piece underneath to not that it slides)https://redcdn.net/ihimg/photo/my-images/713/dscf2673p.jpg/

7-insert the bag with the pipes inside the bag and attach this pocket of your jacket to the desired location and your way (I have attached to such a clip on my jacket and put a piece of Velcro on the pocket that attaches to the velcro pouch of my pods at the back of my jacket.
and you're done!! you have a camel back for cheap ... if you have any questions do not hesitate ....

ps: Do not forget to wash the bag "Tim Hortons" before using it because it will taste the coffee .. then go wash thoroughly.
ps 2:excuse my english google help me
Tanks!! comments are welcome!!

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How To: Homemade Camelback
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