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 How To: Post photos using Photobucket

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PostSubject: How To: Post photos using Photobucket   Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:50 pm

here is a small guide i made for some of the newer guys that have this questions are welcome PM me anytime.

So here it goes using photo bucket

So sign up for an account on photobucket.com and after you do that jazz
you will find your self at this page.
Hit "upload now" button (make sure its from your computer)

It will then take you to this page (make sure its a picture saved on your computer)

-After you have uploaded you will then find your self at this page where all your pictures will be. As you can see you can make albums for specific stuff, make sure you place it in the album or leave it on the mainpage when you are uploading to site, if you have it in album and then move it your links will change and you will be left with a photobucket stock img
-The corner box shows a direct link to that album you can copy and paste if you want to share the whole album.
-Click "see all" for all the pictures to show up on the page.

If you drag your mouse over the picture there will be a drop down menu that will show up listing the following things:
1) Email and IM code
2)Direct link code
3)HTML code
4)IMG code
Also if you click the img you will come up with this the same thing just closer
for posting in forums USE the IMG code (which looks like this when you paste it
with link in the middle)
If you want to edit the photo hover over it
and were the squiggly line there will be a menu there

For re-sizing you need to go to "edit" photo
you will see this page
-the bottom box if you want to bring another photo into the picture
- top box is resize tab

after you hit that, change to the size you want and you NEED to
hit apply
after that is done DO NOT HIT REPLACE ORIGINAL
as there will be problems with others seeing your photo
HIT SAVE NEW COPY and delete the old photo

Any other questions just let me know
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Spec Ops
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PostSubject: Re: How To: Post photos using Photobucket   Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:54 pm

Glad you made this, if you didn't I probably would have.
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How To: Post photos using Photobucket
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